Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too Wordy

So, I've decided to write about writing while I write. How do you like them apples? Currently, I'm going to set up the counts you will find at the top of each blog, and a bit of how I intend this to work.

Today's starting word count is: 3,385 words
Today's starting page count is: 12
Today's ending word count goal is: 4,385 words
Food and drinks spilled today: 0
Number of WoW Insider Posts read today: 3
Time spent with WoW Insider Open: 1 hour
Number of times I've yelled at Word today: 1

The first three I think are pretty self explanatory. I'm a goal oriented person, and having accountability to something helps me keep them. Just telling myself I want to write 1k words a day doesn't have the same effect as having someone actually ask me how I'm doing and keep track.

The food and drinks? When someone makes a movie about my struggles to become successful, food/drinks are going to have to be spilled ever ten minutes and every time I sit down to write. Yesterday's morning spill was a LiveWire Mountain Dew all over my PJ pants, and then at lunch I spilled my soup all over the table.

Today I do have a Cherry Coke, but so far it has managed to stay upright.

WoW Insider is one of my favorite websites, and unfortunately my biggest temptation. I'm hoping by keeping track of just how often I look at it when I should be writing, I'll start doing it less. Hopefully.

The last one is mostly for fun. My pet peeve with Word today is that it keeps telling me my sentances are 'too wordy'. How on earth does it determine that? It is a computer program, it cannot actually read. Maybe all those words are necessary, did you think of that spell check? Its probably not so, but I still feel like a computer cannot make that kind of judgement call.

I'll keep ya'll posted on my progress!

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